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HealthFrame permanently records, and organizes your family's health and medical information, including conditions, treatments, medications, test results, expenses, etc. HealthFrame includes easy to understand explanations of medical terms, graphs, reports and valuable decision support information and statistics. HealthFrame supports the CCR - Continuity of Care Record - standard, allowing you to exchange your medical records electronically with your doctors. HealthFrame --> tracks progress on growth, height, weight, blood glucose, and much more --> tracks critical information, and ensures that it is up-to-date view of your entire health picture --> simplifies tracking medical expenses for taxes or insurance --> synchronizes to mobile devices such as iPod, USB drives and cell phones --> allows you to carry with you critical health information and have it at your fingertips in case of emergencies (iPod, USB Drive) --> track medical expenses --> import/export/merge data in Healthcare standard CCR (continuity of care) format

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